The Project

Our Mission and Vision

Management Tools for Meaningful Apprenticeships

Apprenticeships at the Professional Higher Education (PHE) level provide students with opportunities to build up new skills and knowledge both on and off the job, while providing companies a reliable way to evaluate and shape potential future hires, while at the same time benefiting from new perspectives which can only be offered by students straight out of education. However, despite their clear advantages, apprenticeship systems are extremely challenging to manage, as the learning needs of students and the needs of specific enterprises are extremely difficult to match, particularly when organizations need to deal with massive amounts of students and, consequently, data. It is clear that robust and structured communication channels with both enterprises and students, defined management systems and clear evaluation protocols are necessary to manage such a complex process, but the lack of European guidelines and tools to support it seems to be preventing many of the actors in the sector to launch valuable, steady and sustainable Apprenticeship Programmes.

Our mission is to develop digital management tools that support Professional Higher Education (PHE) institutions and employers to offer and direct high-quality apprenticeships. Our vision is that the digital management tools developed will be recognised as a model to improve the quality of the apprenticeships and will be adopted widely; updated and improved in the future by the users; and will serve as a basis for the development of formal international standards and guidelines.