The Project’s Outputs

by 2020 we will

Understand the State of the Art

Evidence surrounding the subject of the output within specific national, regional and international apprenticeship systems will be collected and analysed to allow informed-based choices and decisions during the development of the digital management tools.

Propose a Management System for Apprenticeships in terms of Indicators and Criteria

This will include specific process-models, as well as relevant indicators and criteria for each of the following processes: placement design, negotiation of the placement agreement, monitoring of placement progress, placement assessment, placement evaluation and certification of learning.

Propose Technological Methods to Strengthen Management of Apprenticeships

Should the processes of apprenticeship-management be conducted entirely manually, it would be extremely time consuming and inefficient, especially were such processes to be conducted at scale. Thus, we will use roadmapping to propose a meta-data standard, ontology and a set of interlocking technologies which would allow for automatic exchange of information between VET institutions, SMEs and students.

Create a Tool-Prototype for Management of Apprenticeships

This tool will have the following components: management of identity, apprenticeship design, recording details of placements, assigning and documenting learning activities during placement, feedback & evaluation, assessment and reporting, as well as database of final credentials.

Develop and Implement a Course on Apprenticeship-Management

Apprenticeship-management isn’t only about the tools, but about the competences of the persons involved in management of those apprenticeships. A custom-course for SMEs will be designed, covering the following topics: key features of apprenticeships, integrating placements into strategic workforce planning, gaining the support of colleagues and senior managers, finding the right provider, drawing up an apprenticeship agreement and employment contract, managing, mentoring and supporting your apprentice, assessing performance, integrating apprentices into your workforce.

Test and Validate the Tool in Live Environments

Seminars will bring together partners and stakeholders for a half day workshop-style meeting, during which a protocol will be applied using a live-case example, and then will subsequently evaluated based on (a) ability to implement the tool, (b) usefulness of the tool in describing relevant information.