Tool-Prototype for Management of Apprenticeships

The AppT tool provides support to the three main stakeholders of an Apprenticeship management process: PHE institutions, SMEs and Students.
The tool includes features that allow management of identity, apprenticeship design, recording details of placements, assigning and documenting learning activities during placement, feedback & evaluation, assessment and reporting, as well as a record of final learning credentials.

Next you have access to the tool, its instalation and source code.

  • Access to the AppT tool prototype

    If you are interested in testing the AppT tool, please ask us access credentials from the Contact us page and once you will receive it you can  check it out from here.

  • AppT ready to go

    If you want to deploy the AppT tool in your educational institution, just complete the following form and we will grant you access to its dockerized version

  • AppT source code

    If you are a developer interested in further development or customization of the AppT tool, you can find the prototype source code available in Github  in these two packages: